Land and Lake

Summer set in today.  The temperatures will be in the upper 80’s into the 90’s till mid-week.  To start the day off with cool dogs, we trekked down to the lake and into Taughannock Gorge early this morning.

Before we headed back, I waded into the lake with the dogs.  Kiyo bravely swam a few strokes several times.  The next time we go, I’m bringing her life jacket.  She’ll feel more secure with it on, and may even swim farther.

Toka, my little red landlubber, waded chest deep.  I had brought a small plastic container along, with the hopes that I could wet his back.  He usually hates this.

Today, however, a pleasant surprise.  When I started to pour water over his back, his ears flicked, and I could see him thinking.  “Hmmmm, is this something I like?”  He decided it was, and happily stood as I continued to wet him down.

Perfect.  It’s hours later and the dogs’ inner coats are finally drying.  A great way to stay cool on a hot, hot day.

Yesterday, Toka got mail.  It’s official.  He’s an advanced coursing ability dog. Form114

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