Toka had fun today

His Redness rocked two CPE classes at his first agility trial.  I conservatively entered him in just two because he’s still young and green.

Even in practice, he’s often a loose cannon during his first run of the day.  Today was no exception.

After clearing the first jump, he scampered off to checkout the judge for a few seconds (which felt far longer to me!), but immediately came back to work.  He was still pretty wild, as is usual, but worked well enough to have a clean run (despite the side trip), qualify and earned first place.

In the Standard class, once again he charged off to see who that weird guy was in the middle of the ring.  He instantly flew back to me and worked hard.  Clean jumps, tunnels & the A-frame.  Even with that little jog, his run was 48 seconds, and because he was clean, he got another blue ribbon.

Solidifying his start line stay will likely alleviate the ‘must visit the judge!’ problem.  He paid no attention to the people in the corners (bar setters).

The most important thing about today:  Toka had fun.  He just loves agility, running, jumping, tunneling.  When he’s on, he’s fantastic.  And always has a blast!

Go, Little Man, Go!


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