Whisker Walking and Scent Discrimination

Toka, Kiyo & I Whisker Walked to help raise funds for Big East Akita Rescue.  Our generous sponsors gave enough that we garnered over $1100 in support of rescued Akitas.

Over 30 human & Akita teams across the country (as well as one British team) walked.  Total amount raised:  $61, 263.  Wow!  Video link to our 8 mile hike here

In addition, I’m working Toka in several areas of obedience.  He just started scent discrimination yesterday.  Thanks to his solid foundations in nose work, he’s zooming along.

While he does to a wee bit of ‘tasting,’  it’s because he’s trying to fake me out to get his cookies faster.  Soon enough he’ll give that up.  How wonderful to have a dog that’s been mostly trained via shaping.  Having an operant dog makes training *so* much fun!

Here’s a video of that session.  What a good boy!Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 9.05.02 PM

One thought on “Whisker Walking and Scent Discrimination

  1. Smart Toka! I haven’t yet started Taika on scent discrimination but I’m sure what she’s learned in nose work will help.


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