Wow!!! Kiyo & Toka “Fame-ous!”

So, yesterday, this was announced:

I’m in tears.  Overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for my generous, talented, hard-working 4-footed teammates Kiyo and Toka.  

They’ve just been admitted to the Akita Club of America’s Hall of Fame for scent work.  Both dogs have earned their overall master AKC Scent Work title and their Master Handler Discrimination titles.  And a friend just reminded me that ‘they’re deaf!’ Yes! They are! But that does not stop them!

I cannot count how many times they have performed flawlessly and confidently despite the ‘dope on the other end of the rope’ — their often flat-footed, less than astute handler (me).  

Rather than natter endlessly about how fortunate I am, how wonderful they are, and their long lists of accomplishments, I’m going to go take them for a hike on their favorite local trail and prepare another steak dinner for them.

I am fully cognizant and appreciative of how the Gods of Akitas have smiled upon me.  
How I love and appreciate my dogs!

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