ACT, and with enthusiasm

His Redness has a zest for life and his hobbies that makes me laugh.  His two favorite sports are nose work and agility.

I entered him in our dog training club’s ACT trial last Friday, and he earned his ACT 1 title.  Once he learns how to weave, he’ll also earn his ACT2.  (We’re working on that).

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 6.57.31 PM

My friend Julie took this clip of Toka on Sunday as he ran a container search as the ‘dog in white’ during a mock trial (this means he was the generic dog to see if others could find the hides).  I trimmed the video to include his start till he finds the first hide.

He bounces up to work with glee, and happily trots out to begin searching.  Good boy!  He loves this sport, and starts most of his searches with a bounce into action.

Mock Trial Clip

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