Videos from Toka’s NW2 – Doswell VA, 3/12/17

1st element of the day: containers.  The videographer didn’t get the little hop of glee Toka gave when I cued him to ‘search!’  You can see how happy he is, though, trotting into the search area.


We went directly from the container search out the doors you can see at the end of the corridor on the left into his exterior search.

We then waited a bit for the remaining competitors to finish up these elements, and for the judges to have lunch.

NACSW does not allow taping of interior searches, though I sure wish I had that footage!

Last search: vehicles.  We’d had intermittent and swirling wind during the day.  When we got to this element, it was dead still.  You can see that Toka has to go around the opposite side of the Volvo to catch odor, and, in fact, scoots his front end under the car at 46 seconds, then emerges and hones in on the hide.

Good boy!  The vehicle search earned him his NW2 title!

Paws Plus training of Doswell did a FANTASTIC job of organizing this trial.  Helpful, friendly organizers and volunteers, smooth transition between elements, excellent site to boot.

Oh, I forgot to mention that it was held at Meadow Event Park, home of the famous racehorse Secretariat!  One of his grand daughters was boarded on site.




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