Toka Turns Two Today

But the poor guy did not have a fun birthday.  I’ve been laid low by a GI bug, and spent most of the day in bed. Or in the bathroom.  😦

I did want to take a minute to acknowledge his special day.  Also to comment about how lucky I am that His Redness graces my life.  He earned both his NASCW NW1 and NW2 titles this year, as well as his expert trick dog title through Do More With Your Dog, and his Novice Barn Hunt title.  Add to that completing enough mileage to earn his Dog Scouts of America Trail and Pack Dog 1,000 mile titles, and the Appenzeller Club Novice Trail Dog title.  2,000 miles & still hiking & pack hiking!

Can’t forget his U.K.C. Altered Breed Championship for conformation, and the fact he passed both his A.K.C. Canine Good Citizen, U.K.C. Socialized Pet Obedience Test, and American Temperament Testing Society Temperament Test.

Not a bad resume for a whippersnapper.

You rock, Little Red Dog.  I love you.  Happy birthday!




2 thoughts on “Toka Turns Two Today

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Toka!!!!!!!! Look for some fun mon ($) in Nan’s bag. Hopefully, Rod will drop it off this Thursday. Have Nan buy you something special when she’s well. Luv from your Rochester fami


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