Progressing in leaps & bounds

His Redness is flying along in his progression with nose work.

He’s already successfully finding hides of birch or anise, and we introduced clove today.

Here’s his very first session.  He knows the ‘it’s your choice’ game, and correctly picks  the tin holding clove scented Q-tips.  We used this technique for teaching birch and anise, so he very quickly homes in on the tin.

His second session went just as well.  This time, I upped the ante by having a pile of food on the floor.  Once again, he had to choose between food and the tin.

We did this search for an anise hide in our neighbor’s garage.  Our instructor ‘beamed’ with happiness about how well Toka did.  So did I!

We’re working on stays, too.  In this video, I’m shaping his ‘relaxed’ down and more attentive sit.  Our training also includes self control.  You’ll see he’s sitting or lying down & watching me drop treats, rather than diving for them (well, he does go after one when he’s in the down position….!)

When Toka is happy, he stretches in a play bow.  He does that a lot when he sees his nose work harness or just before we begin searching.  Cute!

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