Today’s nose work session

One of my friends is working on her doctorate in nutrition.  She kindly arranged a time for us to meet up on campus this morning, so we could work our dogs in new areas.

I’m quite happy with how well His Redness did.  He was not at all worried at being in a new place, and worked hard.

Here’s his video from this morning.

And here are our teacher’s comments.  We’re taking NW120 with Julie Symons through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.

These were PICTURE PERFECT! Your handling (distance, feeding,etc) and his focus, methodical searching, and indication – all really pretty!

He’s definitely your anise boy! :)!

LOVE the interiors too – those were really in nice different places. He so knew his job and did it beautifully!

Toka is ready for his ORT! Have you started Clove yet?

So, I know I’m supposed to find things to suggest and point out but everything was super!

We’ll have some nice challenges coming up in week 2 for His Redness to tackle!!

Very excited to watch this .. watched it 3 times :)!

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