Holiday Update

His Redness continues to delight & amuse me.  What a funny, clever boy he is!

He’s earned another title.  This time, his ‘Dog in Training’ Parkour title.  I got notification via email of his success; the title itself will come in the mail next month.

For those who are unfamiliar with Parkour, it’s somewhat like agility, except done in the great outdoors.  It’s fun and both dogs seem to enjoy it.

Toka is also doing well with Nose Work.  Here’s a link to his first elevated searches.  Quite happy with how hard he worked and how well he did.

And here’s his track from today.  We were motoring down the track when an enormous flock of seagulls flew in and landed.  You can hear me comment about it.  Almost messed up his right hand turn but once he got going, he motored along nicely.  What a GOOD DOG!





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