Toka’s first title

Clever Toka earned his first title this month, and is now a Novice Trick Dog.  Scroll down to Akitas – it’s official!

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 10.19.02 PM

We haven’t received his certificate yet, though that should be arriving shortly.   I’m proud of my little guy.

He’is slowly making progress in obedience.  We’re working on heeling & stays.  He’s fairly solid with sits and downs, and is learning the automatic sit when we stop heeling.  ‘Come!’ is still a game, mostly with him chasing me or with me tossing cookies between my legs.  His fronts and finishes need work!

Toka is tearing up the turf with tracking.  Here’s a video of one we did several days ago:  Toka Tracking at Taughannock

His Royal Redness is also rocking at nose work.  He’s easily finding the hide in 3  or 4 containers.  This is of practice on December 13.

I stopped in at the local vet’s office a couple of weeks ago to check his weight.  80.6 lbs a week before his 8th month birthday.  Despite his size, he’s still very much a puppy.






One thought on “Toka’s first title

  1. Nicely done, both tasks!

    I saw him look up at you while tracking, then get back to work. The next time he only glanced up and got right back to work. He clearly knows what to do.

    Nosework is coming along well.

    Smart and handsome–great combo!!


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