No such thing as a bad dog – ban BSL

Just had a run in with a jerk. Hiking with the dogs at the local state park. Saw two off leash labs. “Halloooo’ed” to the owner to have him leash his dogs. I always step off the trail when the dogs are with me when people approach. Did that this time, too.
This guy started bellowing that I shouldn’t have untrained, out of control dogs out in public. This despite the fact both Toka & Kiyo were standing quietly by my sides. “You shouldn’t have dogs like that out in public, they’re a menace, it should be illegal to have untrained out of control dogs like that out in public.”
He kind of cornered me in the spot we were standing (downed trees on either side) – stood there staring at me until I said ‘you can continue on with your walk now, sir.’ His response ‘no, you can continue on with yours,’ & indicated a space maybe 4 feet wide between him & his dogs & a tree.’ ‘No thank you, we’ll wait until you’re gone.’
‘You shouldn’t have out of control dogs like that out in public.’ I look down at my pups, who are still standing quietly and waiting. “They’re in control. Please continue on with your walk.” “I’ll wait for you to go.” He stared at me for about 60 seconds. I did not break eye contact. I said to him ‘I can and will out-wait you.’
Then he said this: ‘Dogs like that shouldn’t be allowed. We’re working to legislate against them’
I went to the park police headquarters & submitted a complaint. There’s likely nothing the park police can do because it was at least a half an hour b/w the incident & the time I got to their office. They guy is probably long gone. I felt threatened & borderline scared.

4 thoughts on “No such thing as a bad dog – ban BSL

  1. Um, WHAT?!? I am fuming for you, RIGHT NOW! Give me your address privately and I will send you so high dose pepperspray to keep yourself safe around “ANIMALS” like that!!


  2. I say this… next time if there ever is a next time… if you have a phone that video records or audio records… record it, that way you have physical evidence…


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