6 months

Toka is 6 months old today.  At the vet’s yesterday, he weighed in at 68 lbs.  Not a small boy!

I’ve been slow to post – working on obedience skill building and focus this semester with on-line courses through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.

We had a big day today.  Toka accompanied me on errands to Agway, Wegmans (where we stood & met people for about half an hour) and Lowe’s.  He was pretty tired when we got home.

After a lunch of hamburger, he took a nap.  We then practiced loose leash waling & heeling a la the Sophia Yin method (dog on leash, leash on belt, we walk together.  He decides to go in one direction, I go in the opposite direction to make sure he knows ‘oh, right, watch her!).   Good basis for loose leash walking

For heeling, I back up in front of him, then pivot into heel position for one stride, then pivot back to my original position.  Worked like a charm for Kiyo.  We’ll see how Toka does.


2 thoughts on “6 months

  1. “After a lunch of hamburger, he took a nap. We then practiced loose leash waling…” He sounds as tho he’s making nice progress. She is getting big!


  2. He is making nice progress. Mirage does not do so well at loose leash healing. We need some work on that for sure. She started nose work and was more interested in meeting all the people. She weighs in at 55lb. I think that is a good weight for a female at this age. Happy 6 month birthday and keep up the great work toward becoming a well mannered, socialized lovable companion. Sue and Mirage

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