February thaw

It was 65 degrees here today.  A far cry from our usual snowy, cold winter weather.

Toka had agility practice today. “We” made a few mistakes in the first three.  “We” actually being “me.”  His Redness has gotten pretty darn good at reading my body language – both good and bad…..  that’s where the mistakes come in.

Here he is, early on in the hour.  I flub his entrance to the tunnel at 17 seconds, and pull away too soon (54 seconds) as he comes off the dog walk, so he misses the contact on the downslope.

But an OK run for 2 novices!

In this clip, he drops a couple of bars.  This is the last of four runs, and he’s getting tired.

We are really lucky to have a wonderful dog sitter.  Meghan took care of the pups when I was away this weekend, visiting a friend in New Jersey and volunteering at an Nose Work 3 trial.  She took these photos of Kiyo & Toka enjoying puddle stomping on a walk.

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