Weather Proofing

It was cold on Sunday. And windy. Used these conditions as a proofing opportunity for nose work. Toka struggled with the second hide in this clip, probably because of the wind blowing the odor towards the first hide he finds.

For the most part, I let him work it out.

He did much better in the second area, which was in the lee of the building.

Edited: Toka is double-leashed in the 1st search & you’ll hear that I mention cats a few times. Feral cats live in a nearby barn & the woman who lives in the next house down feeds them, so the area we were searching generally has a cat or two patrolling around. ‘Better safe….’


Here are the comments given by our instructor, Stacy Barnett:

Wow that first search was TOUGH!! It must have been the wind. I think you had some significant converging odor. Letting him work it through was the right thing to do. Basically you handled this search well. I think changing places so that you were on the far side of the mailboxes made a difference. What I did notice was that there was no frustration… only determination! Yay!!

NICE second alert on the second search. I agree! He IS a good dog! Tremendous odor obedience and you are doing a beautiful job staying out of his way and letting him work.

Nice job with these!







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