Training update

Here are 3 videos of Toka, engaging in various dog sports.  They give a good overview of where he is.

Here’s one of 2 of his ‘fundamentals.’  I’m using a  Moving hand target for heeling and chin rests.

In nose work, we’ve just introduced Odor Recognition Test (ORT) boxes.

We start with one box, add another, and work up to 4.  Soon he’ll be confidently searching 10-16 boxes.

We tracked yesterday, in a new place, and for the first time through some snow cover.  2 gloves (one at the start, one at the end), 30 targets placed from 4-8 paces apart, 2 turns.

I love this little red dog.  I love his spunk, his intelligence, his spark, his energy.  Lucky, lucky me!



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