He’s growing…. and growing up


Toka, my little red dog, has outgrown another collar.  He’s nearly 70 pounds — or was 2 Friday’s ago.  Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 7.38.26 PMI’

I’ll bet he’s over 70 pounds now!

With his increasing size is increasing maturity.   He’s still very much a puppy – somewhat uncoordinated, eating as if all of his little red legs are hollow, with LOTS of energy – and yet it feels as if he’s growing as I watch.

We’ve completed enough mileage to have earned him his Trail Dog title through Dog Scouts of America.  We’re shy one 5 mile ‘hike’ (read: stroll from our house as he and Kiyo meander along, sniffing to their hearts’ content & getting tons of treats & water along the way) of his DSA Pack Dog title.

I’m also just about to submit the information for his ‘Dog In Training’ (‘Pre-Novice’) Parkour title, through the International Dog Parkour organization.  It amazes me how willing the little guy is to work!

Here’s a link to a montage of his Parkour activities

One thought on “He’s growing…. and growing up

  1. I’d say Toka’s adorable–but he’s kinda big for that particular adjective at this point! Handsome is much more appropriate.

    And, clearly, talented. What a good boy.

    His ears were a tad wonky at the start of the balance exercise but he rallied and relaxed.

    And, that blue harness of his–very smart looking!


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