Toka & Day Care

Dropped Toka off at day care this morning. Got there a bit early, so we took a stroll down the lovely tree-lined road. On the way back we saw someone who was also walking a dog. As we approached, I recognized the woman. She said ‘oh! as soon as I saw you giving your dog cookies I *knew* it was you! You’re the only one I know who trains with so many rewards!’
 Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.01.39 AM
After we chatted, I left Toka at the day care center. He ran off happily with his human friends there. He gave them each an effusive greeting, clearly thrilled to be back. Yet when I pick him up, he’s half hearted: ‘Oh, hi. It’s you.’ Buddy, I’m the one who pays the bills!

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