At the lake

Just back from an adventure at the lake.  I know of a quiet, shady and usually dog free spot where my deafies can wade to their hearts’ content.

Toka got quite brave and waded out chest deep, mimicking Kiyo.  He hasn’t been swimming yet, though I hope he’ll have the confidence to do so.  (Kiyo doesn’t like her paws to leave the bottom, and so only wades).

They both chased sticks into the water, scampered up & down the pebbly shore, investigated a (yucky) dead catfish, and all-in-all, had a blast lake side.

A couple of times boats came relatively close.  The large waves from their wakes (to him) left him disconcerted & backing up to terra firma.  Once they subsided, he trundled right back out.

We returned and I bundled them into the cool house, where they enjoyed their lunches.

I wish all dogs lived lives like theirs.

One thought on “At the lake

  1. You’re all lucky! You get to share your life with Kiyo and Toka, they get to share their lives with you–all in a beautiful, idyllic spot.


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