Focus work

Continuing to work on focus with the tiny tot who, based on his rate of growth won’t be terribly tiny for terribly long.  We were at the vet on Monday, 6/15, & he weighed 15 lbs, up 5 lbs from when he moved in.

Here we are on the front stoop, working on ignoring the chickens & focusing in on treats.  He clearly knows the hens are in the front yard.  He stops & gazes out at them a couple of times.  Then he goes back to the cookies, and focus work.

This clip was taped on Thursday, 6/17.  Not great footage, because his head is chopped off.  The clip does tell me a lot, though.  I like the fact he’s ignoring the activities around him.  I need to be more careful that his little butt stays down on the ground when he’s sitting, waiting for his cookie.  Sloppy training on my part.  Great to have video at puppy level for this, so I can see & correct the issue.


One thought on “Focus work

  1. “By, George, he’s got it!” He’s clearly learning self control & patience, in addition to I sit, I get a cookie! Does Toka have a dark stripe down his back?? Looks as tho there’s a dark patch on his back near his tail–can’t really see how far up his back it extends.


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