Bumper Snicker: I teach nose work!

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 12.19.38 AM

Oh! The joy I get from the sport of nose work.  Practicing with my dogs – a blast!  Trialing with my dogs – fantastic!

There are 3 Akitas who have their NACSW NW3 Elite titles, and two of them reside with us.  Toka is zipping along in AKC, too. He is just entering Masters interiors and is one leg shy of his Masters container title.

I love the sport so much that I started teaching it. Share the joy!

In the past year & a half, all but one of my students has qualified in NACSW trials.  The qualifiers have all finished in the top 10.  We’ve had amazing placements – a sweep of the first 4 places in the Bloomsburg NW1 trial earlier this year, a first place finish in an Ohio NW2.  I am blessed with students who love their dogs and listen to them and to me!

My nose work peeps meet at as many different venues as I can concoct, so the dogs and handlers get to practice in as many environments and in as many conditions as feasible.

This means my station wagon is often packed to the ceiling with containers.  Plastic, metal, cardboard.  Boxes, wallets, tins, back packs, electrical boxes, PVC pipes, suit cases, reusable shopping bags, heck, even the handles of broken flexi leads.

As I drove home after class tonight, I was very aware of several other drivers whose heads swiveled as I drove past them.

I need a bumper sticker that reads “I’m not a bag lady.  I teach nose work.”

Wait.  What?

I am a bag lady.  I’m a nose work bag, box, wallet, suitcase lady….  Welcome to my world! The world of teaching nose work remotely.


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