Canine Episioplasty – Kiyo’s Story

Warning:  (Somewhat) graphic photo of Kiyo’s hindquarter’s post-surgery below.  I’m posting this photo first so it shows up as our cover photo instead of Kiyo’s post surgery shot.  It’s more palatable!  A54R4650

In June of last year, Kiyo had an episioplasty completed.

For two years prior, she’d had recurring urinary tract infections.  Every four to six months, she’d start to urinate more frequently.  I became so hyper-vigilant, if she urinated two or three times more than usual I was dialing the vet to schedule an appointment as we were still on our walk.

Yes, I tried home remedies, including vinegar in her water and yoghurt, and supplementing her meals with cranberry.  These did not help.

Kiyo has health insurance.  This has paid for itself multiple times, including with Kiyo’s chronic UT’s.  Because of her coverage, I had cystocentesis done each time.  In this procedure, a fine needle is inserted in to the dog’s bladder to obtain a clean urine sample.  The sample is then cultured to identify the exact microbe causing the problem. This allows the vet to prescribe antibiotics specific to the bacteria.

The medications cleared each of Kiyo’s UTIs.  Because the infections were chronic, however, compounded by the ever increasing problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria.  I started to consider episioplasty.

Kiyo had a recessed vulva.  This means she had extra folds of skin blocking her urethra. The vet, Kerry Brown of The Village Vet in Canastota, NY, felt that the operation would be straightforward and successful.

I checked with Kiyo’s insurance company, Healthy Paws.  The representative assured me that this surgery would be covered under her policy.  (It’s less expensive to pay for a curative surgery than chronic kidney disease!)

The surgery was as simple as Kerry said.   Kiyo went through all appropriate blood work prior to surgery.  The day of the operation, I dropped her off.  As I left the vet’s office, I remember thinking that I had complete confidence of a successful outcome.  My faith was reinforced when I picked up my still-somewhat-dopey girl the next morning.

Kiyo has extremely good manners.  She did not lick the incision once during her recuperation period, though I did keep an inflatable Kong collar on her during the first week (just in case).

The incision was pretty impressive, but healed quickly and easily.  No infections, no problems.

It’s been  slightly over a year since the operation and Kiyo has been free of UTI’s.

The total cost of the operation was approximately $1500, including post op medications.  Insurance covered most of that (all but our deductible).

Kiyo’s post-surgery photo below.





















One thought on “Canine Episioplasty – Kiyo’s Story

  1. The first photo you posted is wonderful. She’s so beautiful, elegant, lovely-looking. I remember those chronic UTI’s. So glad the surgery worked, making them a thing of the past.


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