I was just about to head off to the Land of Nod for the night.  Checked email & Facebook before turning in.  The chair of the Akita Club of America’s versatility committee had posted something on the club’s versatility page.  I checked to see what she had written.




My lovely, talented girl Kiyo earned her Versatile Akita Excellent Level 3 title today.  And to boot, handsome, brilliant Toka garnered his Versatile Akita Excellent Level 2 title.  His Redness turned 2 on April 10 of this year.

How fortunate I am that such talented, generous, smart dogs grace my life.


One thought on “BIG NEWS!!

  1. Whizzo! Congrats on the major accomplishments! I find it challenging enough to find the time to work one dog and look at all you’ve done with TWO!


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