Run, Toka, Run!

This weekend His Redness and I took a trip to Westerlo, NY, for Coursing Ability Tests.  Boy, does he love this sport!  Boy, do I not!

Toka’s prey drive is so high, if he sees a bird fly by, there’s a good chance that he’ll jump up to try to catch it.

Chasing elusive plastic bags attached to a string which flies around a series of pulleys is a perfect sport for him.  He qualified in all four runs this weekend, thereby earning his Coursing Ability Advanced title.

I’m a worry wart.  As much as he loves the sport, his coursing career is over.  I’m too concerned that he’ll sprain an ankle, tear a cruciate, tweak his back.  I’d rather be safe than sorry.  Though I do apologize to him because this after noon, he ran his last CAT run.  Love you, buddy, that’s why!

Here’s a link to his morning run today:  Toka at a Coursing Ability Test (5/7/17)




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