Red Star

There’s a navigation system in the Outback I drive now.  How much easier taking long trips has become.  I punch in the address, press ‘go,’ and head out.  The GPS tells me how to get to my destination.

There are glitches, of course.  On our way around D.C. as we headed to Virginia on Friday the system keep telling me to get off at exits only to get right back on 495.  And sometimes even with instructions I pick the wrong lane or exit. Overall, though, my road trips are more fun and more efficient.

I liken the GPS to a good training system and good instruction.  Toka and I have been working with excellent nose work  and scent discrimination instructors via the online school Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.

We started our nose work foundations  and scent work with Julie Symons and Lucy Newton, and Toka has solid commitment to odor because of it.  They’ve been our GPS guidance system, and following their directions has paid off.  And then some!

His Redness turns two on April 10. He’s done remarkably well for a youngster, and I was thrilled beyond imagination when he earned his NACSW Nose Work 2 title on Sunday in Doswell, Virginia.

What a way to end his second year!

Toka was clear, accurate and determined in all of his searches. I could not have asked for a better performance.  Even better: we had a blast!

We earned four (count ’em!) coveted ‘P’s’ – pronounced for team work in all four elements.  These mean more to me than placements for speed.

Proud of His Redness and all he has accomplished.  How incredibly fortunate I am to have such a wonderful friend and companion!

Can’t wait to see his videos!

And thanks to our friends Casey & Jim, who hosted us during the trip, providing a comfortable way station.  You guys rock!


Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 8.11.06 PM













3 thoughts on “Red Star

  1. You and Toka and Kiyo are terrific together. A tip of the hat to the work you’ve done. Congratulations on your marvelous accomplishment with your boy! And he’s so young! Can’t wait to see how far you and Toka will go.

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