Update on His Redness

I finally got serious about working Toka in obedience.  We’ve been working in nose work and on tracking, and playing around with parkour.  We’ve just dabbled with heeling, sits, downs and stays.

Since I had Kiyo at a local match, I booked some ring time for Toka, too. I simply wanted to get him into the ring and have some fun.  If we got any work in, even better. I made sure I took time to acclimate him to the activity on the other side of the fence.

Here’s a clip of us working at the edge of the ring.  You can see him look away a few times, but his attention comes right back to me.

At one point I toss a cookie between my legs – and in the direction of the other ring, where another group is practicing stays with their dogs!  As the ‘judge’ says, ‘he turned right away’ from them.  Good boy!


And here’s a clip of him backing up for his novice parkour title.

One thought on “Update on His Redness

  1. His heeling looked sharper when you walked faster. You initially were walking so slowly–too slowly for your young active dog. He should be trotting.

    Nicely done on that straight backup!


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