Toka’s Saturday Night Date

Kiyo and I took a quick trip to Trout Run PA, last night.  We had an NACSW Level 1 containers trial there.  Since Trout Run is just a wee bit too far to drive before an 8:15 start time, and the weather was foul, we opted to head out after an early dinner.

We stayed at a terrific AirBnB place in Troy, PA.  Spacious, clean, comfortable & warm after a somewhat harrowing trip through driving snow on wet, winding, hilly roads.  And success today!  4 times we heard that lovely work ‘Yes!’  and Kiyo earned her title.  Great girlie!

Toka loves his dog sitter Meghan.  She’s a vet tech who gets her dog fix by pet sitting, and it’s a real boon to me that someone who is so responsible and empathetic cares for the pups when I’m away.

She emailed me this last night.  20161119_205005

Hi Nancy,
I made it in and Toka was happy to see me! He has tons of energy to work off tomorrow morning. The rain is turning to snow now and the plows are out. Can’t wait to see what we wake up to tomorrow! Attached is a picture of His Redness 🙂 
I hope you and Kiyo made it safely!
Arrived home about an hour ago, and found this in my inbox, along with these photos:

Hi Nancy, 

Toka and I went on a long walk this morning at Taughannock and here are some pictures I got! We went all around the park area on the waterfront (SOO windy and cold! – Toka was in his element) and then to the falls and back. I did my best to clean him up when we got back. I left the blanket on the floor in the mud room to hopefully wipe his paws (and ours) a little after being outside. . He was a great companion this weekend and did very well on the leash, passing other dogs and people. I hope you and Kiyo had an awesome, successful and safe trip!
The weather is just beastly today.  Gusting winds (up to 40 mph, so says NOAA) are dropping the 30 degree temperature by 15 degrees thanks to the wind chill factor.  What a good sport to take Toka to the park on the lake!
It’s wonderful to be able to travel for trials or work & feel confident that the pups are in (very) good hands.  Lucky us!

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