Smart dog!

I took the pups over to the fancy agility center on the other side of the lake.  Worked with Toka on 2 jumps (one was the triple), the table, the chute & the dog walk.  I kept the jumps at 8 inches, since he’s still a youngster.

After 2 attempts where I lured him onto the table, he hopped up by himself and then turned to me immediately, asking for his cookie.  Lured him over the dog walk with cheese the first time – after that, he climbed it, went over the top & down the other side without hesitation.  He did his jumps without hesitation, & clambered right through the chute.  I’ll have to get some video footage of him next time.

Perhaps he’s an agility dog in the making!

It’s pretty hot here today – at least 78.  I pulled out a fan, & guess who immediately planted themselves in front of it?




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