Whiz Kid in Scent Work

Toka’s been rocking and rolling with scent sports.

Two weekends ago, he smoked several classes at  Performance Scent Dog trials in Littleton, MA.

PSD has ‘Target Odor Tests’ rather than Odor Recognition Tests.  A hide is placed on one of 12 chairs, and the dog must successfully find the hide on the correct chair.  His Redness passed his birch TOT swiftly.

He also earned two third place finishes in his exterior and buildings (aka interiors) classes.    He found his exterior hide in 10.6 seconds.  Zoom!

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 5.16.57 PM

We also have barn hunt trials coming up quickly, so we took a spin up to Central Bark in Central Square NY, where Eva Raczka graciously allowed us to rent ring time.

Here’s a clip of Toka in hot pursuit of a rat.  He has no fear of climbing!  Thanks to my friend Tammy to was the videographer & great company.

And we’re back to tracking, too, now that the weather is improving (well, except for the polar vortex that descended over the weekend – which will last till mid week).

Here’s Toka Tracking on Friday.  He pulls like a tank, and our instructor tells me he’s doing well enough to add a third turn.

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