Toka Tracking Today

Up and at ’em early this morning. Tracked both Kiyo and Toka.

Toka gets this sport. At least, he understands that he’s supposed to trundle from target to target for cookies. Today he was pulling like a tank, and before we started he was whimpering with excitement. I’ll have to get that on tape next time.

It’s time to start adding a tiny bit more space between the targets – maybe 6 inches. Not much more; sticking with splitting tasks down into tiny increments, rather than lumping and setting him up to fail.

We’re still working on the Come Game, and also the Collar Grab Game.   Video of those forthcoming.

2 thoughts on “Toka Tracking Today

  1. He sure was Mr. Serious! It certainly looks as though he understands the game.

    Instead of lengthening the distance between articles what about leaving the distance the same and aging the track slightly?


    1. We’ll be increasing the distance, as per our tracking coach. She’s the expert, so we’ll follow what she says (plus, if the cookies stay on the articles for any length of time, ants find them. Ants taste bitter.)


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