Toka and Kiyo are friends

Kiyo & Toka have had mini-play sessions a couple of times today & yesterday.  Since Kiyo is over 4 times his size, and has speed, agility and coordination on her side, I’m very careful to monitor their play.  It’s always outside in the fenced yard; food and toys are never around.  Happy to state that she likes playing with him, though ‘play’ consists of her bowling Toka over.  He’s a good sport & jumps up as quickly as he can, only to get knocked down again.

We tracked at the local park today.  Here’s Toka’s session:

He was weaving around a fair amount today.  I think it’s because he could not see the targets.  He’s slowly learning that if he follows my scent, he’ll find the articles & targets, and therefore his cookies.

Here’s the tiny tot on vacation in NH last weekend.  He had a great time walking in the woods, but remembered to check in.  Yes, he got plenty of cookies.




2 thoughts on “Toka and Kiyo are friends

  1. I think Toka did a fine job. Since he’s not supposed to see the item but use his nose to find them and he’s all of what? three months old, he’s doing a fine job. In this session he looked less frantic than in others; he looked settled and calm. He’s making wonderful progress.


    1. You are doing great with him but then I never had a doubt!! What a remarkable boy or should I say training team!!


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