Toka’s busy life – from tracking to playing

We’re ‘tracking’ every second or third day.  I put out 20 targets, 1 pace apart.  Each target or article has a cookie on it.  I set him up headed in the right direction, and he’s getting pretty good about waddling down the line of articles, snarfing up cookies.

It’s not really tracking.  But will evolve.  It’s *all* about the cookies.

Here’s what we did yesterday.

I’m also teaching him to get on a pivot disk, in preparation for precise heeling turns.  He likes this, because he gets cookies.

And we started learning the hand touch.  This simple exercise proved to be invaluable in teaching Kiyo a great number of other skills, from weaving between my legs, to the beginning steps in retrieving, to snappy stands to precise finishes.

There is, of course, lots of time to play, with humans and with other dogs.  Here’s the tiny tot playing with Freya, a Keeshund friend.

3 thoughts on “Toka’s busy life – from tracking to playing

  1. Toka’s getting the hang of tracking–he’s doing less twirling and is working the track harder than the last clip I saw.

    I saw you reward him for two front paws on the pivot disc–he must already be past the “one paw on pivot disc gets the cookie.”

    You’ve doing a wonderful job with laying a foundation.


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